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VYMX Accupuncture Pen

$47.90 $



A bioelectric neuromuscular stimulating device - presents the user with an effective relief of pain through unique massage and acupuncture delivered by effective application of low frequency waves via self-adhesive skin electrodes. The unit has been designed to provide an enjoyable and relaxing massage or deliver non-invasive acupuncture resulting in a relief of musculoskeletal pain and discomfort any time and anywhere.


Notice: because for item weight and customs taxs questions, this item is not include retail package.


Dear buyer,

Regret to inform you the massage gel is banned on the planes. We used to send it. However the inspection is very strict recently and we can not take the risk if the parcel was detained.

So, please you kindly understand.

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What's Included:
XFT 320- Unit
2 electrode wires
4 Gel Massage pads (30-50 times use)
2 AAA Batteries 2-3 months @ 30 Minutes a Day
Acupuncture Pen and Gel



* Dual Channel
* Digital control panel
* Stimulation with 4 skin electrodes
* 4 pre-set programmes for different parts of the body (i.e. shoulders, back, joints, limbs)* Adjustable intensity and speed of stimuli
* Simple to follow user manual
* Easy to use with illustrated user manual showing appropriate contact points
* Comfortable in use
* Adjustable intensity and speed of stimuli
* Automatic timer
* Automatic switch off if/when skin electrodes are not attached properly to the skin
* Automatic switch off when not in use
* Versatile and portable
* Effective and safe
* Relieves pain in shoulders, back and limbs
* Improves blood circulation
* Promotes metabolism
* Relieves muscular pain
* Exercises inactive muscles
* Promotes muscle fibres contractions
* Erases neuralgia
* Relieves muscle spasm
* Relieves muscle and joint stiffness