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Bloating in the abdomen, hands, and legs

Headaches & migrane

Food cravings

Confusion or fuzzy thinking 

Period pain, back pain & menstrual cramps

Amazing Ingredient #1
Atractylodes Macrocephala Extract

       Practitioners of Chinese medicine believe that atractylodes affects the Spleen  and Stomach meridians, or energy pathways in the body. Its medicinal properties are considered warm, mildly bitter, and sweet.

       Atractylodes is thought to dry dampness, strengthen the Spleen or digestion, and promote
diuresis, the formation and excretion of urine. It is used for diarrhea, generalized aching, mental fatigue, dizziness, lack of appetite, vomiting, edema (accumulation of fluids), and spontaneous sweating. 

It is also used to prevent miscarriage and to treat
restless fetal movement. Other uses include restoring deficient digestion associated with poor absorption, malnutrition, anorexia, metabolic acidosis, hypogylcemia, and rheumatism.

It has also been used to treat tumors of the cervix, uterus, breast, and stomach.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, both white and black atractylodes may be used for digestive and urinary problems. Black atractylodes is more drying than white. 

White atractylodes has the additional benefit of being a "Spleen Qi tonic," meaning that it rebuilds metabolic function by increasing nutrition, increasing energy, and regulating fluids. 

White atractylodes is also thought to have restorative, normalizing effects on the digestive system and Liver. Major chemical constituents include atractylone, atractylol, butenolide B,  acetoxyatractylon, hydroxyatractylon, and vitamin A.

Amazing Ingredient #2
Poria Cocos Extract

        Poria cocos is a mushroom amphoteric in its ability to help regulate either high or low, potassium and sodium balance.

       Traditional Chinese medicine uses Poria Cocos or Fu Ling to remove spleen dampness. Excessive dampness and deficiency of the spleen can be indicated by poor appetite, diarrhea and lassitude.

      The herb Poria Cocos is also used in herbal remedies for insomnia, restlessness, fatigue, sleep disorder, tension, and nervousness. Poria cocos supports the heart, spleen, and kidney meridians in your body.


Amazing Ingredient #3
Angelica Sinensis Extract...The Female Ginseng

         Dong quai ( Angelica sinensis ), also known as Chinese Angelica, has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese, Korean, and Japanese medicine. It remains one of the most popular plants in Chinese medicine, and is used primarily for health conditions in women. 

Dong quai has been called "female ginseng," based on its use for gynecological disorders (such as painful menstruation or pelvic pain), recovery from childbirth or illness, and fatigue/low vitality. It is also given for strengthening  xue  (loosely translated as "the blood"), for cardiovascular conditions/high blood pressure, inflammation, headache, infections, and nerve pain.


Amazing Ingredient #4
Ligusticum Wallichii Extract... The Nature's " Pain Reliver " For Period Pain & Menstrual Cramp

Ligusticum Wallichii or Schchuan Lovage is native to India and Nepal. It is a flowering plant in the carrot family. It's root has been used in Chinese medicine in treating blood stagnation, stagnant qi and blood stasis.

       Schchuan lovage root is said to contain substances that help to improve blood flow caused by blood stagnation in the abdominal region. By releasing the qi flow, it helps to relax the tension of the uterine muscles that cause menstrual cramps for women with endometriosis.

       By releasing the stagnant qi and blood stagnation that blocks the regular function of the liver, it helps to enhance the metabolism of fat and protein that is necessary for balancing the estrogen levels in the women's body during menstrual cycle as well as reducing nervous tension that causes menstrual cramps.

      It is also a nervous system tonic herb that helps to calm the overactive brain cells during menstrual cycle that causes symptoms of endometriosis such as insomnia, irritation, anger, agreession, etc. It's sedative agent also helps to relax the uterine muscles leading to lessening the menstrual pain.

     The property of emmenagogue in Szechuan lovage root also helps to bring on menstruation by increasing blood flow to the region that releases the tension of abdomen due to absence of period. It is also an analgesic, which helps to ease pain for women with menstrual cramps.

    This property in Szechuan lovage root helps to widen the blood vessels in the abdominal region, that not only increases blood flow but also helps in relaxation of abdominal muscle cells within the vessel walls resulting in easing the period pains.


Amazing Ingredient #5
Rehmannia Extract... The Nature's Best " Anti Inflammatory "

        Rehmannia is the most important Chinese herb for disorders of the kidneys and adrenal glands. Rehmannia also appears to combat adrenal suppression caused by steroid hormones and has a similar tonic effect on the adrenal cortex as licorice. 

A feature of rehmannia is that it is in a small group of herbs that are used to autoimmune diseases such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia  and Multiplesclerosis. 

Used to combat the symptoms and progression of these illnesses, anti-inflammatory herbs used include rehmannia, shemidesmus and bupleurum. Rehmannia also hinders the breakdown of cortisone products in the body, which lengthens this drugs effect. 

In one study, patients with rheumatoid arthritis were treated with rehmannia and experienced good results, including a reduction of joint pain, swelling, and increased joint movement. Rehmannia also improved the general symptoms of asthma  and urticaria. Mild oedema developed in a small percentage of patients which is a similar reaction to that induced by adrenocortical hormones.


Amazing Ingredient #6
Eucommia Ulmoides Extract... Abundance in Anti-Oxidant & Anti Inflammatory

        The medicinal use of Eucommia ulmoides dates back to ancient Traditional Medicinal Chinese (TCM). In modern medicine, majority of the preliminary data lend support to its use in osteoporosis, arthritis, hypertension with purported actions such as anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 

From the long historical usage of over 2000 years and numerous preclinical and clinical studies, Eucommia ulmoides proves to be safe and non-toxic. However, there is no substantial evidence on its use during pregnancy, lactation and childhood.


Amazing Ingredient #7
Sweet Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) Extract

       Sweet Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare)  has been studied for its ability to support regular healthy menstrual periods. It is also used to support water balance and acts as a liver tonic.

Rich in phytoestrogens, Fennel is often used for colic, wind, irritable bowel, kidneys, spleen, liver, lungs, suppressing appetite, breast enlargement, promoting menstruation, improving digestive system, milk flow and increasing urine flow. Fennel is also commonly used to treat amenhorrea, angina, asthma, anxiety, depression, heartburn, water retention, lower blood pressure, boost libido, respiratory congestion, coughs and has been indicated for high blood pressure and to boost sexual desire.

        Fennel is a useful addition to any of the Breast Enlargement herbs and has an impressive number of other health benefits.

        Fennel is also commonly used to treat amenhorrea, angina, asthma, heartburn, high blood pressure and to boost sexual desire. Fennel is a mild appetite suppressant and is used to improve the kidneys, spleen, liver and lungs.

        Fennel is an effective treatment for respiratory congestion and is a common ingredient in cough remedies.



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